Mr. Danion Lewis completed his Bachelors of Science (Hons) in Civil Engineering from Universiti of Sains Malaysia.

Upon graduation, he joined Latimer Corporation, a Civil Engineering company based in Kuala Lumpur on 24 March 2001 as an Assistance Bridge Engineer.

Within two years after gaining sufficient amount of experience, and due to his dedication and hardworking personality, he was promoted as a Project Manager in the year 2003.

Ever since, Danion’s career advancement saw a hike and he began crafting successful stories which has given him drastic progression in his life in this particular field of work.

In 2008, he was further promoted to Senior Project Manager and his tasks mainly evolved around majoring in the area of project management, monitoring, liaising with consultants, preparing work programs, coordination with sub-contractors and other related works as well.

Danion’s working period has proven some amazing track records and until he resigned as an employee in 2011, he had an amazing, outstanding and resounding RM 330 Million worth of projects overseen.

As mentioned previously, in 2012, by collaborating and joining force with his business partner, he established a private company, ELIZON Construction Sdn. Bhd.

Giving much importance to its vision and mission statement, in which they both believed it would be a pathway that would lead to a fruitful destination ahead, this company officially commenced its’ first job on a RM 7 Million project in Presint 7, Putrajaya.

In the following years, the company saw a steady growth with RM 30 Million in 2016.

Danion’s never give up attitude and eagerness to do something really extraordinary has rewarded him the thought to establish ELIZON Construction Sdn. Bhd in the market, with a mindset to complete projects on time and within preferable budgets.

This would also involve managing works according to the client’s preferences and completing works without compromising on the quality of the work.

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Mr. Danion Lewis

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Mrs. Elizabeth Ayadorai

Mrs. Elizabeth Ayadorai, a person who holds various educational levels in her portfolio, is someone who held the same amount of passion or even more compared to her business partner, Mr. Danion to make this company a success.

She holds a Diploma in Marketing from a Polytechnic Institution in Shah Alam, a Bachelor of Business (Hons) In Business Administration – majoring in Finance from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and lastly, a Masters in Business Administration – majoring in Human Resource Management.

She officially began her career as an Operations Executive in a prestigious local bank, which opened up a pathway filled with great amount of experience in the banking industry.

After gaining five years of experience in the banking industry, she moved to another different industry as a trainer, where she also had the opportunity to expand her knowledge and skills on how to be an effective and successful trainer.

It happened to be an online employment industry, which apparently was a big firm as well.

To her advantage, she was able to cope and fit in really well in that industry simply because she possessed really good communication skills and organizational handling skills.

Somehow, she discontinued her service and after about a year of break, she ventured together with Mr. Danion to embark on a journey that has so far guaranteed much successes.

She is an individual that is blessed with so many wonderful personal development qualities and due to her fast-learning pace as well, she often gets into multi-tasking activities which results in fruitful outcomes.

It was a new adventure for her when she first got into this plan with Mr. Danion, but sooner or later, she had a hang of it and is now successfully operating the firm with Mr. Danion, whom she regards as her pillar of strength.