Elizon Construction Sdn Bhd CSR and Sponsorship strategy is to use our expertise, technology and partnership for positive social, environmental and business impact while leveraging the strength of the ELIZON CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD to engage with our board member ELIZON FC in support our values of efficient, effective, elegant and excellent. By doing so, our strategy tries to ensure a sponsorship that engages with ELIZON FC board members and Persatuan Bola Sepak Daerah Kuala Kangsar, whereby the event that we sponsor not only have a positive attitude but also support our mission of promoting our company to a diverse, global audience.

Before this, ELIZON CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD only dedicated a sponsorship committee to temple, church, and local institutions. But in 2018, for the first time ELIZON CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD dedicated to do CSR and sponsorship committee by delivering at RUMAH KANAK-KANAK SULTAN AZIZ to support of both local community and those across company’s network.

In the first year of operation CSR and Sponsorship Committee skilfully drove ELIZON CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD CSR and Sponsorship mission for contributing long term value by helping to build a sustainable, responsible organization.


ELIZON FC is one of the most recognizable football club in ELIZON CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD. The club tries to do all it possibly can to get involved in the life of local community. The club understands its social responsibilities and does all it can to enhance the well-being of fellow citizen. In the past only company organised sponsorship to church, temple and local institution which is the company aimed for helping local community in Malaysia.

In 16 September 2018, for the first time ELIZON CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD decided to Corporate Social Responsibility under one name by launching a new initiative called ELIZON FC. This initiative received a very positive response among employees. Through CSR, company will be able to do many activities by putting members of ELIZON FC to help company doing sponsorship to local community in after a few years.


  1. Delivering a positive experience for our employees.
  2. Minimizing the negative environmental impact of our operations
  3. Making a positive contribution to the communities in which we are operate
  4. Becoming the Malaysian Global Ambassador through positive sponsorship that promote Malaysian.
  5. To help orphan and poor children.
  6. To connect professional experience in sport with leisure development


ELIZON FC aims to do as much as possible in this direction. Since launching PERTANDINGAN SEPAKAN PENALTI in 16 September 2018, the club has begun to implement a more consistent approach to CSR. In comparison with few years ago, company didn’t start yet this activity and only given a donation to church, temple and local institution. So far, the club has concentrated most of its CSR activities on the Kuala Kangsar area. The aim for the future is to expand company reach nationally and turn CSR policy into a nationwide.

In 16 September, ELIZON FC players and Football Perak players visited Stadium Mini Kuala Kangsar and participated on the that day. Another activity that involved is ELIZON FC had given sponsorship for Rumah Kanak-Kanak Sultan Aziz. Through this sponsorship, Rumah Kanak-Kanak Sultan enabled to improve their infrastructure and also have a strong relation with this centre in the future. ELIZON CONSTRUSTION SDN BHD tries to do all that it possibly can to help the orphanage.