ELIZON Construction Sdn. Bhd, formally known as EDA Construction was founded by a couple of passionate and highly influential Business Partners. They are Mr. Danion Lewis and Mrs. Elizabeth Ayadorai.

As mentioned earlier, the company was first incorporated as EDA Construction on 6 October 2011. Ever since, the passion and drive has given them both resounding successes in this field, and provided greater opportunities to expand and reach out to wider range of audiences.

Mr. Danion Lewis, who is an Engineer by profession, holds a very strong background in the Engineering field which also reflects the relevance of wanting to venture into this field. His passion towards this field has granted him much dedication and commitment to give only the best for the clients that his company would serve for.

After successfully gaining ten years of experience and having done various projects that has given him so many success stories, in 2011, Mr. Danion incorporated his own company with the help of his wife, who played a very important role in ensuring the process of building this company was a smooth sail, regardless hiccups along the way which was seen no less than challenges to betterment of the company.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ayadorai is referred to as another founder of ELIZON Construction Sdn. Bhd. She is a Business Administrator by profession and has gained good amount of experience when working for a local bank, and also has previously served as a trainer in an employment agency.

She oversees the Administration and Procurements Departments, and mainly ensures the effective running of the office and supports the company in terms of cost management of each and every job.